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Spring Break

Spring break is something that all college students look forward to during the spring semester. This is my first year in college and after a long winter break spring semester started but there was no time that I could go home. I am finally home and relaxing but I did not get a chance to get home for two whole months. I was dying to get home; I missed my moms cooking, my families love, my dogs and my cozy bed. I just missed home period. On top of everything there were midterms and all the stress that comes along with it. I was exhausted; I know I have been home for only two days but I am feeling so much better. I have relaxed and shopped and enjoyed myself and it is going to be like this for another week. I miss my friends from school but I really just want to stay at home and do nothing. When we get home our parents miss us so much that they make us our favorite foods and we really don’t have to do anything. All they want us to do is to enjoy our self and relax because they know that we have been taking care of our self, cooking, cleaning, and studying and we have to so this all by our self. Now that it is spring break I am really happy and I hope it lasts forever.

Shattered Glass

The movie Shattered Glass is about a young writer who fabricates stories and it gets published in one of the nations most credible News magazines called The New Republic. Everyone thinks he is a great writer because he always comes up with the best stories to write about and they are all amazed at how hard he works. Everyone wants to be like him because he is so hard working and so modest. They can never imagine that he is making up the stories that are making him so famous. Every one of his articles is done through a first person view so you think that he is actually there when you read the story. I believe that his character is something that is very easy to get fooled by because he is so nice and if someone needs anything he is the first one to help you out. But as I was watching the movie I could see that he was just too nice and he brown nosed way too much so that he could get ahead in his career. He was just so innocent when his editors asked him a question about his sources or what really happened in his story. It seemed like he had an excuse for everything that was wrong in his paper like he had thought about it before and made an excuse for it just in case he was asked about it. Glass was likeable in the beginning but then he I got suspicious of him and then I stated not to like him anymore because I figured out that he was lying on the articles he wrote. So, I don’t really think he is the kind of person that I would hang out with because one can never tell with a person like that if they are your real friend or just using you for what they want.

Project 2

I was not really there on Tuesday when we got the assignment for project two but when I got to class and heard a little about it and my friends told me what to do I think it is a cool project. I don’t really know what I am going to do yet but it is a very interesting topic to find something that has to do with ethics. I wonder in the world we live today how many ethical things are there. I guess that could be a topic in it self. Alright I am the kind of person that believes in peoples right to do what they want (except murder, rape and violence) I mean we are put on this world once and no one knows for sure about the next word so why waste our time wondering about what could have been… right? There are plenty of laws and things that stop people from doing what they want in this world so maybe I could write about that. There are laws against same sex marriages; there are racisms, sexism, poverty, famine, genocide, treating women as objects, gender issues, and war going on in the world right now so what should we choose to write about? There are so many choices to write from which makes me a little sad… no actually it find of makes me angry that there are so many things in this world that are wrong and the only people we are worried about is ourselves and how to get ahead; but I have not decided which of these ethical issues should be looked into more.

Getting Sick

Getting sick is the hardest part of being in college. When we get sick and we are at home we have our parents to take care of us and to make us feel better. They bring food that make you feel better and buy medicine if there is none. I really have not been sick since I came to college. Yeah once in a while I had the sniffles but they went away in like a day or two, but this week I got seriously sick. I think I got the flu sick. I did not feel that good on Monday night and when I woke up on Tuesday I was gone. I mean I was sick as a dog, I had a headache, my nose was running, I was coughing, and I think I had a fever. I did not know what to do. Luckily my boyfriend had some Nyquil and I took it and I did not wake up till the next day I think I had like fourteen hours of sleep. I still did not feel better and I did not know what to do but I was too sick to go get other medicine or make any healthy food and on top of that the one person I could count on getting me to feel better my boyfriend also got sick so there we were sick and helpless and missing home, missing our parents, thinking that if we were home everything would be better and our parents would take care of us and get us better in no time. Finally after missing a few days of class we went to Walmart and got some medicine that could help us and not make us drowsy and now at the end of the week we feel a little better and don’t have fevers anymore but now that we have our medicines we are a little more prepared when we get sick again.

Should we choose to run others lives?

Ok… I have am not a Catholic or Christian and I live in the United States of America. So, you ask why does this matter well I have been listening to the news and what people have to say lately and all of it seems to be related to these two religions. I mean I know that these religion are the two most practiced in the U.S. but why are the politicians who take the religious side? I mean is not this suppose to be a free country where religion is separated from government. Did we not do this for a reason because there are so many kinds of people living in the U.S. that focusing in one religion is not in the best interest of the people. There are issues with same sex marriages and the reason it is not being passes in the government is because the in the bible it says that it is a sin. I mean I respect other peoples beliefs in their religion and would do nothing to come in their way then why are these people coming in the way of love. Live your life according to the way you think is right and let others choose for themselves what is write and wrong. One cannot force their views onto others. I personally am not gay and I have a boyfriend that I am in love with and if someone told me that I could not be with him because it said in their religion that it was wrong I would be very angry. I think it is something else when someone stands in the way of true love whether it is boyfriend + girlfriend, girlfriend + girlfriend, or boyfriend + boyfriend. I think it is a sin to stand in true loves way and I don’t need a book to tell me that. I know that this is not my problem because it does not effect me but the thing I believe in is the fact that I live in a free country and everyone should be treated equally no matter who they are, where they are from, what they do, or who they choose to love.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is something that the candy and flower industry created to make money. We all know this but why then do we all buy into Valentines day and go and get candy and flowers. Even I am guilty of doing this and expecting something as well. I loath this day not because I am alone but because as a girl it is easy to but something for me I will be happy with candy and a card but what am I suppose to get my boyfriend. I go through this problem every year; I want to get him something that is new and not just something like a card and candy but I can never find something unique to give to him and I just end up giving him a card and chocolate which I hate to do because that is so common and I want to do something different. What do you get a guy that has everything? Also on top of that he always finds something unique and different for me and I feel bad giving him a card and candy. I don’t know is it just the fact that you can get girls more things that a guy? You are so limited in the choices for gifts for a guy like cologne, watch, games and when you have given them all what are you suppose to give as a gift. I am just lost this year and I can not figure out what to get him. I hope I figure out something soon because I only have a few days left.


It says in the medical journals that to function properly people need at least 6-7 hours of sleep but in college students survive on caffeine. So how do college students function? Well as a college student myself this week I have not gotten a lot of sleep. Every night I went to sleep around 2 or 3 a.m. and woke up at 7a.m. in the morning. I kept this up for a week but at the end of it I was exhausted and sick. After my test on Wednesday I went to sleep at 7p.m. and woke up the next day at 11:30 a.m. I missed my two morning classes and my five alarms on my phone and on top of everything I had three missed calls that I did not hear. I was so surprised that I did not hear my alarms and the phone calls that I received. I guess that my mind and body was so tired from all the late night studying that it finally said that enough is enough after my test was over. I was angry that I had missed my classes but I felt a lot better after I got the sleep that I needed so I was ok with the fact that I missed classes because I can always get the notes from someone from class but I can not get my health back. So form now on I am going to try and get the sleep I need everyday instead of once a week.

The Cost of College

The cost of school is something I was not expecting to be so high. When you are in high school you just think about what college you are going to get into you really don’t think much about what the cost might be and that you might need to get a job and think about how to manage your money. When I was in high school I really did not think about money or what it means to have a job. My parents tried to teach me and tried to help me manage my money but I did not really care or show much interest. When college started I was still like that but after a while I got a job and started to pay for things myself and that is when I realized the value of a dollar. It takes so much work for our parents to make the money that they do just so that they can spend it on the clothes that we don’t need, buy us the designer bags and shoes that we can live without. After I realized this I have not really gone shopping or bought things that I don’t need. I have actually asked my parents to not pay for my college that I would do it myself and that if I came up short I would let them know and that is the only time that they can give me money. Well don’t get me wrong my parents can pay for my college without me having to work or anything but I figured that we come to college to be independent from our parents and to know that if we can stand on our own two feet. So, why don’t we start and help out our parents? For some reason my parents are really proud of me because I am taking this responsibility but I am not doing this to make them happy, I am doing this because it is something I can be proud of and I am really happy that I can depend on myself for a change.

Helping the Homeless

I believe that a person should always give money to the poor. This should be something that we should make a habit of. I believe when you give money to the needy you will be giving back to the world. People argue that maybe the homeless people on the streets are just lazy and could get work if they wanted to but you should never judge without knowing anything. You never know what the person has been through and how they got to the point that they did. Maybe the person has a mental disorder or a disability that you cannot see just by looking at them and not helping them because they look aright. There might be times that you need help but no one know it or believes you because you don’t look like you need it does not mean that it is not real and that you don’t need help. You have to try and see it from their point of view, and see if standing out in the middle of the street in the sun and rain is something that you would want to do just to get a few bucks. Is it worth going through all that trouble when if you could you would be in at a job that had A.C. and paid you for your hard work. Also it is a good thing to give because if you look at it you have a roof over your head, cloths on your back, food to eat and a future to look forward to so giving someone a dollar is not going to hurt you. I think at the end their prayers with only help you.

Campaign Commercial

The youtube commercial that I watched was about Hillary vs. Obama. In this commercial there were two actors that one was for Hillary and one was for Obama; they voiced their opinions about how one candidate was better that the other. They gave examples of how that one was better that the other and how much they had done for the country. They pointed out the bad things in each other and why one should not vote for the other candidate. This in turn was good for the third candidate that shows up at the ending of the commercial who is for Rudy. This shows that the candidates are focusing to much on each other and not on the public which is what they should have their focus on. The two actors for Hillary and Obama at the end realize this. This commercial was pretty funny so it uses pathos to draw the audience to keep watching and actually listen to what they had to say. They also use lots of facts and truth about the candidates so the audience believes in what they are saying so here they are using ethos and also logos. The commercial is pretty informative and helps the viewers learn more about the two candidates. It is not really for one candidate I believe it is just to make fun about the situation about how the two candidates are so focused on making each other look bad that they don’t realize that they are not focusing on the public.
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