Project 2

I was not really there on Tuesday when we got the assignment for project two but when I got to class and heard a little about it and my friends told me what to do I think it is a cool project. I don’t really know what I am going to do yet but it is a very interesting topic to find something that has to do with ethics. I wonder in the world we live today how many ethical things are there. I guess that could be a topic in it self. Alright I am the kind of person that believes in peoples right to do what they want (except murder, rape and violence) I mean we are put on this world once and no one knows for sure about the next word so why waste our time wondering about what could have been… right? There are plenty of laws and things that stop people from doing what they want in this world so maybe I could write about that. There are laws against same sex marriages; there are racisms, sexism, poverty, famine, genocide, treating women as objects, gender issues, and war going on in the world right now so what should we choose to write about? There are so many choices to write from which makes me a little sad… no actually it find of makes me angry that there are so many things in this world that are wrong and the only people we are worried about is ourselves and how to get ahead; but I have not decided which of these ethical issues should be looked into more.

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