Campaign Commercial

The youtube commercial that I watched was about Hillary vs. Obama. In this commercial there were two actors that one was for Hillary and one was for Obama; they voiced their opinions about how one candidate was better that the other. They gave examples of how that one was better that the other and how [...]

Home for the holidays

Since last semester starter I have wanted to go home because I was so home sick. I missed my mom’s cooking and my dad and me watching T.V. and joking around with my sister. I have always been close to my family and had never been away from them for more than a week so [...]

Assingment 2

Part 1
1) Ethos (authority)- this is to establish creditability. This means that you need a good source and work needs to be cited.
Pathos (emotion) – this is when the writer connects with the emotions of the readers.
Logos (logic) – to write logically and make an argument with that is precise so that the readers can [...]

Assignment # 1

Part 1
Claim is something that needs support usually by an argument.
Supprort needs background information to support your claim. This is so that the audience believes that the claim is true.
Evidence is true fact that can be used to prove a claim correct.
Explanation is a clarification of the evidence that a writer presents.

Part 2

1. My immediate [...]

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