Helping the Homeless

I believe that a person should always give money to the poor. This should be something that we should make a habit of. I believe when you give money to the needy you will be giving back to the world. People argue that maybe the homeless people on the streets are just lazy and could get work if they wanted to but you should never judge without knowing anything. You never know what the person has been through and how they got to the point that they did. Maybe the person has a mental disorder or a disability that you cannot see just by looking at them and not helping them because they look aright. There might be times that you need help but no one know it or believes you because you don’t look like you need it does not mean that it is not real and that you don’t need help. You have to try and see it from their point of view, and see if standing out in the middle of the street in the sun and rain is something that you would want to do just to get a few bucks. Is it worth going through all that trouble when if you could you would be in at a job that had A.C. and paid you for your hard work. Also it is a good thing to give because if you look at it you have a roof over your head, cloths on your back, food to eat and a future to look forward to so giving someone a dollar is not going to hurt you. I think at the end their prayers with only help you.

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