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The Cost of College

The cost of school is something I was not expecting to be so high. When you are in high school you just think about what college you are going to get into you really don’t think much about what the cost might be and that you might need to get a job and think about how to manage your money. When I was in high school I really did not think about money or what it means to have a job. My parents tried to teach me and tried to help me manage my money but I did not really care or show much interest. When college started I was still like that but after a while I got a job and started to pay for things myself and that is when I realized the value of a dollar. It takes so much work for our parents to make the money that they do just so that they can spend it on the clothes that we don’t need, buy us the designer bags and shoes that we can live without. After I realized this I have not really gone shopping or bought things that I don’t need. I have actually asked my parents to not pay for my college that I would do it myself and that if I came up short I would let them know and that is the only time that they can give me money. Well don’t get me wrong my parents can pay for my college without me having to work or anything but I figured that we come to college to be independent from our parents and to know that if we can stand on our own two feet. So, why don’t we start and help out our parents? For some reason my parents are really proud of me because I am taking this responsibility but I am not doing this to make them happy, I am doing this because it is something I can be proud of and I am really happy that I can depend on myself for a change.

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