Home for the holidays

Since last semester starter I have wanted to go home because I was so home sick. I missed my mom’s cooking and my dad and me watching T.V. and joking around with my sister. I have always been close to my family and had never been away from them for more than a week so going a semester without their love and support to me was very hard. So, I was really looking forward to going home for winter break. I thought that for this time I could relax and watch movies and eat my favorite foods and not the cafeteria food. I thought that it was going to be great to just do nothing and rest. I was right for the first week it was great I got to see my family and friends and relax and do nothing, but then after that I was bored and wanted to come back here. I got so used to being able to do what I wanted and when I wanted that I forgot that when you go home you have to live according to what your parents want, which I was ok with but then there was the thing where I had nothing to do. My friends after the first week had gone on in their vacations and I had nothing to do. So, I needed something to do for three weeks. I needed a job. I could not stand not being able to do nothing so I finally ended up with a job. This was great because I needed some money and now I had something to do. That was how I spent my holidays. It was great to be home but I realized that now I am ready to be here and not be home sick anymore.

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