Project 2

I was not really there on Tuesday when we got the assignment for project two but when I got to class and heard a little about it and my friends told me what to do I think it is a cool project. I don’t really know what I am going to do yet but it [...]

Getting Sick

Getting sick is the hardest part of being in college. When we get sick and we are at home we have our parents to take care of us and to make us feel better. They bring food that make you feel better and buy medicine if there is none. I really have not been sick [...]

Should we choose to run others lives?

Ok… I have am not a Catholic or Christian and I live in the United States of America. So, you ask why does this matter well I have been listening to the news and what people have to say lately and all of it seems to be related to these two religions. I mean I [...]

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is something that the candy and flower industry created to make money. We all know this but why then do we all buy into Valentines day and go and get candy and flowers. Even I am guilty of doing this and expecting something as well. I loath this day not because I am [...]


It says in the medical journals that to function properly people need at least 6-7 hours of sleep but in college students survive on caffeine. So how do college students function? Well as a college student myself this week I have not gotten a lot of sleep. Every night I went to sleep around 2 [...]

The Cost of College

The cost of school is something I was not expecting to be so high. When you are in high school you just think about what college you are going to get into you really don’t think much about what the cost might be and that you might need to get a job and think about [...]

Helping the Homeless

I believe that a person should always give money to the poor. This should be something that we should make a habit of. I believe when you give money to the needy you will be giving back to the world. People argue that maybe the homeless people on the streets are just lazy and could [...]