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Getting Sick

Getting sick is the hardest part of being in college. When we get sick and we are at home we have our parents to take care of us and to make us feel better. They bring food that make you feel better and buy medicine if there is none. I really have not been sick since I came to college. Yeah once in a while I had the sniffles but they went away in like a day or two, but this week I got seriously sick. I think I got the flu sick. I did not feel that good on Monday night and when I woke up on Tuesday I was gone. I mean I was sick as a dog, I had a headache, my nose was running, I was coughing, and I think I had a fever. I did not know what to do. Luckily my boyfriend had some Nyquil and I took it and I did not wake up till the next day I think I had like fourteen hours of sleep. I still did not feel better and I did not know what to do but I was too sick to go get other medicine or make any healthy food and on top of that the one person I could count on getting me to feel better my boyfriend also got sick so there we were sick and helpless and missing home, missing our parents, thinking that if we were home everything would be better and our parents would take care of us and get us better in no time. Finally after missing a few days of class we went to Walmart and got some medicine that could help us and not make us drowsy and now at the end of the week we feel a little better and don’t have fevers anymore but now that we have our medicines we are a little more prepared when we get sick again.

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