Campaign Commercial

The youtube commercial that I watched was about Hillary vs. Obama. In this commercial there were two actors that one was for Hillary and one was for Obama; they voiced their opinions about how one candidate was better that the other. They gave examples of how that one was better that the other and how much they had done for the country. They pointed out the bad things in each other and why one should not vote for the other candidate. This in turn was good for the third candidate that shows up at the ending of the commercial who is for Rudy. This shows that the candidates are focusing to much on each other and not on the public which is what they should have their focus on. The two actors for Hillary and Obama at the end realize this. This commercial was pretty funny so it uses pathos to draw the audience to keep watching and actually listen to what they had to say. They also use lots of facts and truth about the candidates so the audience believes in what they are saying so here they are using ethos and also logos. The commercial is pretty informative and helps the viewers learn more about the two candidates. It is not really for one candidate I believe it is just to make fun about the situation about how the two candidates are so focused on making each other look bad that they don’t realize that they are not focusing on the public.
Wthe Hillary vs. Obama at:

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