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Shattered Glass

The movie Shattered Glass is about a young writer who fabricates stories and it gets published in one of the nations most credible News magazines called The New Republic. Everyone thinks he is a great writer because he always comes up with the best stories to write about and they are all amazed at how hard he works. Everyone wants to be like him because he is so hard working and so modest. They can never imagine that he is making up the stories that are making him so famous. Every one of his articles is done through a first person view so you think that he is actually there when you read the story. I believe that his character is something that is very easy to get fooled by because he is so nice and if someone needs anything he is the first one to help you out. But as I was watching the movie I could see that he was just too nice and he brown nosed way too much so that he could get ahead in his career. He was just so innocent when his editors asked him a question about his sources or what really happened in his story. It seemed like he had an excuse for everything that was wrong in his paper like he had thought about it before and made an excuse for it just in case he was asked about it. Glass was likeable in the beginning but then he I got suspicious of him and then I stated not to like him anymore because I figured out that he was lying on the articles he wrote. So, I don’t really think he is the kind of person that I would hang out with because one can never tell with a person like that if they are your real friend or just using you for what they want.

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