Assignment # 1

Part 1
Claim is something that needs support usually by an argument.
Supprort needs background information to support your claim. This is so that the audience believes that the claim is true.
Evidence is true fact that can be used to prove a claim correct.
Explanation is a clarification of the evidence that a writer presents.

Part 2

1. My immediate response to Crichton’s argument was that it made a lot of sense. It did make me think about the fact that in this world we do look for a higher power wether it be religious or something else. As I read the article the thing that stuck out the most to me was the point he made about facing our pasts and facing them squarley.

2. Crichton’s tone is a bit serious and filled with emotion. He feels very strong about the topic and he is trying to get the reader on his side by presenting facts and trying to get the readers angry about what is going on.

3. Crichton’s main claim is that people need to know the difference between fantasy and the truth. He uses environmentalism as a claim factor by giving examples of what is happening currentyl.

4. Crichton supports his claim by giving examples of predictions that were false that were made by biologists. The examples that he gives are statistical about how people would die of hunger or by a certain year some animals would be extint. Now we can see that these theorys were wrong because the years that these things were suppose to happen have passes; but we can see that people followed these biologists theories.

5. The reason that Crichton gives for not citing his sources is that he feels that no matter if he sites his paper of not he will not be able to change people views if they are set on them. I don’t agree with this if an argument is good I believe that people will give it a chance but I think that he should have cited his sources because without it I think it hurt his argument.

6.I think Crichton’s argument is strong but because he did not provide any sources it looses something and this is why i believe it is not a very powerful.

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