Valentines Day

Valentines Day is something that the candy and flower industry created to make money. We all know this but why then do we all buy into Valentines day and go and get candy and flowers. Even I am guilty of doing this and expecting something as well. I loath this day not because I am alone but because as a girl it is easy to but something for me I will be happy with candy and a card but what am I suppose to get my boyfriend. I go through this problem every year; I want to get him something that is new and not just something like a card and candy but I can never find something unique to give to him and I just end up giving him a card and chocolate which I hate to do because that is so common and I want to do something different. What do you get a guy that has everything? Also on top of that he always finds something unique and different for me and I feel bad giving him a card and candy. I don’t know is it just the fact that you can get girls more things that a guy? You are so limited in the choices for gifts for a guy like cologne, watch, games and when you have given them all what are you suppose to give as a gift. I am just lost this year and I can not figure out what to get him. I hope I figure out something soon because I only have a few days left.

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